28 Sep 2011

"Dawn will break from the blackest nights.."

Hello, hello, hello....

I'm happy because the new album from Machine Head has been released....Its been long awaited!!
Its title is "Unto the Locust". It consists of 10 tracks and the average time of a song of the album is 6:23 seconds. I remember listening to the first song that leaked from the album and was really excited for what was gonna follow...of course i had a few worries, because many bands showed great promise with one song but flopped the  album...

The tracks are in descending order:
  1. I Am Hell
  2. Be Still And Know
  3. Locust
  4. This is the End
  5. Darkness Within
  6. Pearls Before The Swine
  7. Who We Are
  8. The Sentinel
  9. Witch Hunt
  10. Darkness Within
The last three songs of the album are bonus tracks, with "Darkness Within" being an acoustic track. I started listening to the songs yesterday...Its dark melody is simply seductive...Beautiful riffs, great sounds on the guitars and solos that are just exciting to listen to, drum arrangements that are powerful and meaningful carrying you through the journey of the new album.And what can i say about my favorite guy in the band...Mr Adam Duce...He's my bass playing god...I put him in my list of top ten bass players that i admire. Precise to the point accompanying the drums every step of the way, adding the darkness within him to the songs. Mr Rob Flynn shocked me in this album!! The reason? On a track of the album he has his children singing with him. I couldn't believe my ears when i heard the songs!! Listen to "Who we Are" and prepared to be shocked. Mr Rob Flynn in an interview to FaceCulture said that everybody were asking them how are they gonna top their last album " The Blackening"...well those who kept asking again and again, should have had some patience and just get the new album...

I remember when i was still a student in the University...I saw them for the first time...It was 6 of December..the location was Brixton Academy...they were touring for their new album at that time "Through the Ashes of Empires"...I took B.M.W there since there was no one else to follow me to the concert. I told her that whatever happened from the beginning of the concert onward she shouldn't say a word...she didn't know what to expect... The first song was "Imperium". Needles to say that there was mayhem in Brixton..I was screaming my lungs out from the first sound of the drums...I will never forget that night...

Superb is the word that i would use for their new album...that's why when we go to a Machine Head concert we never just scream machine head....

                                           MACHINE FUCKING HEAD


  1. I used to like them a lot, Blackening is a fantastic album even though Davidian is their best song imo. However they are not really my style anymore, but respect for their originality and quality of music.

    P.S. Dude you should check Rob Flynn's previous band Vio-Lence! They're one of my favourites!


  2. What's your kind of music?? Maybe i have a band or two that might interest you :p
    I will check them out for sure...if Rob's in, greatness is bound to happen..

  3. I am more into extreme stuff but mainly Thrash! Favourite band Kreator! :D

  4. Kalon...I will see what bands i have that you might not know..how's uni treating you? Are my friends the Brits ok?

  5. Akoma na pao! Kiriaki proi peto! 10 tou Oktovri arxizo mathimata

  6. Άτε γιέ μου!! Το πρόγραμμα συναυλιών ήβρες το ή ακόμα..? http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/browse?area=&go=Go&root=10001&category=200&rdc_select=n93&type=selected#nfb_skip_left_content

    Κάτι λαλεί στο Ticketmaster....
    Καλές αρχές τζαι μέν φάεις ούλλα σου τα λεφτά πάνω στις συναυλίες

  7. Haha ennoeitai oti egirepsa ta oulla! 6-8 tou oktovri en na pao festival stin Germania 'Way of Darkness'. Gia Agglia eklisa idi tickets gia Motorhead, Iced Earth & Evile. Ta ipolipa molis pao, na do je ti volefkei me to programma mou

  8. Έτσι...always be prepared...οι Motorhead εν να σε πελλάνουν!!! Όσο για Iced Earth τζαι Evile εν το συζητώ...Θα περάσεις πολλά καλά στην Αγγλία!! Απλά να θυμάσαι να κάμνεις παρέα τους πάντες τζαι εν να είσαι πόμπα..