13 Oct 2011

Dark New Day

i'm sure you've heard the term super-band somewhere; i'm also pretty sure that you have seen certain super-bands lurking around, creating new and exciting music, doing shows all over the world. One such band is Dark New Day. Personally to be honest i never heard them, before yesterday. I started listening to their album "B-Sides" and i found their chemistry to be interesting. A band that has a variety of musicians from all over the alternative scene; today their line-up consists of Brett Hestla on lead vocals & rhythm guitar, B.C. Kochmit on lead guitar & backup vocals, Corey Lowery on bass & backing vocals, Will Hunt on drums & backing vocals.

the group was formed in the year 2004 and was under a different name [Dark Blue]. In 2005 they recorded and released their first album with the name "Twelve Year Silence" and toured with Chevelle, Seether and Crossfade. In the year 2006 they released an EP Album with the title "Black Porch". During that time the band went through changes in their "personnel". Playing in the band until that time were Brett Hestla, Troy McLawhorn, Clint Lowery, Corey Lowery and Will Hunt. After a period of time were, Clint Lowery was recruited from KoЯn at first [touring guitarist], Troy McLawhorn & Will Hunt were recruited by Evanescence, again for touring purposes, Clint left the band to go back to Sevendust and Troy McLawhorn also left the band.

the band went on to release another two albums in digital forms however; "Hail Mary" and "B-Sides". Both albums were released this year. They are still together but there are no touring dates announced and no formal comment has been made anywhere by anyone stating the official views of the band. Their website however is redirecting you to a site that has nothing to do with the band. Also in their Myspace profile there haven't been any activity since 2010. I hope to hear some touring dates as i would like to see them live at least once.


Can you live without one red cent?
Can a little true heart really pay the rent?
It'll take a lot of give to get
All the money you've spent it's a game of pressure
Put a little on the back of someone else
Cause another problem just to ease yourself.
Can't you see that it's coming back around, and when it comes back
It'll drive you farther down.

Free? Now are you? Is it life that holds us down?
Free? How are you? When I'm stuck here on the ground.

Can you fly without your wings on board?
It seems pretty unfair to end up on the floor
Paying for a crime you weren't charged for
Alive in a world that always wants more.
Is it any wonder that you're falling back inside the pattern that defines all you lack?
Don't you want to get into your car and get out of this town?

Free? Now are you? Is it life that holds us down?
Free? How are you? When I'm stuck here on the ground.

It's all about the wrong thing if doesn't make your heart sing.
It couldn't be the right place with those tears upon your face.

Free? Now are you? Is it life that holds us down?
Free? How are you? When I'm stuck here on the ground.

Now are You?

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