10 Oct 2011

OS, Traffic and Posts

Good Morning digital people,

It's been two months and something since i created this blog. Interesting little thingy and the people over at Google keep surprising me. I like checking out the stats page in the Dashboard and checking out from which part of the world you do get traffic. But that's not all. You also see what OS (Operating System) and what browser people use. It's like a live poll that people don't know about :p

I am happy to present the data so far in a picture below.

Dashboard Stats

Thanks for creating some traffic on the blog, but do keep in mind that i would love to get some feedback from you no matter what your nationality, creed, gender, age or OS you use..I don't discriminate.. :p

P.S: I know that most of my posts are in greek..I'll try and post stuff in both languages, but remember; we'll always have Google Translate to our rescue... 

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